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Lea Anne P.
 Featured Import Model January 2008
Lea Anne P.

Lea Anne sees the import scene through her eyes a little differently than most models. She not only loves to model but she enjoys working on her own car and races auto-x. Now that’s what we call a triple threat!

Lea Anne, how did you get started racing and modeling? Well!  I have a pretty decent background with the racing and cars.  Ive done everything from having a show car to drag racing with my first job to doing auto-x racing as a present hobby.  My mother used to race powder puff derby when she was younger in a Ford fairlane and my father was a technician at a family owned shop.  From being at the shop and helping him when I was a kid to hearing stories from my mom… I just loved it and it stuck with me.  The modeling… I was actually at a car show with my first car, a 2000 Toyota Celica which was my show car and daily driver… someone asked me to take a few pictures in front of my own car for the local newspaper…. I did, being in front of a camera came natural… and it all started from there!  :o )
Which do you enjoy more? Why? Honestly I can say the racing!  I love the modeling… but I feel free when im on the track… I like to challenge myself and push myself to drive the best that I can and be the best that I can be in every aspect of the sport.  Plus it helps me with day to day happenings!  Being able to take a perfect picture if great and a good talent, but having MAD driving skills… its NOT that easy! 
What do you do to relax? Hmmm… to relax!  Well… sleeping in is always fun!  I like getting greasy and helping my boyfriend with his race car… or doing regular maintenance stuff on my car… going to a movie… or just going backroading… maybe rock climbing or just going out to eat, having a drink at dinner and talking over GOOD food! 
Do you believe in luck? Well, if it wasnt for bad luck… I wouldnt have any luck at all!  Just kidding… everything happens for a reason… this is what I go by.  I honestly cant say weather or not I believe in luck or not. 
How would your friends describe you? One. of. the. boys!  Or, the life of the party.  Tom boy.  Or crazy fun!  I get all of those, A LOT!
I want to thank my momma for her love and support throughout the years and dealing with ME!  My friends who believed I could do anything I put my mind to.  All my sponsors… and my family down in Macon with CCR!!!!

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